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It’s crazy how the year has flown by, I hope you guys are doing great today and are filled with God’s grace and favor! Today I want to share three things that I am blessed to have. On Sunday, my pastor preached on thankful-ness and I felt the spirit of thankful-ness drop in the whole … Continue reading “*THANKFULNESS!*”

THE DAILY BATTLE – 🗝 KEY TO VICTORY (A quick word of encouragement)

The daily battle is this: How can I serve God daily when I always keep on falling short / or in other words sinning.Well, you don’t and will never do it on your own. Great – GREAT – GREAT is his faithfulness!!! He is with you everywhere you go. I’m talking about everywhere. In your … Continue reading “THE DAILY BATTLE – 🗝 KEY TO VICTORY (A quick word of encouragement)”


Hello, my beautiful people, I greet you all in the name of Jesus today! I stopped writing for more than two months. The reason why I stopped writing was that I felt like I wasn’t worthy enough. I know it’s a very bold statement to make because of course that just isn’t true for we … Continue reading “LETTING GO OF SHAME & GUILT.”